MARTHA RENAUD weaves a vibrant tapestry of “strong songwriting with a warm delivery that touches the soul.”  A folk-roots-Americana singer-songwriter, Martha has been hailed as a “true balladeer,” with an “amazing new voice.” Martha’s music has an East Coast flavour and her stories set to song, are a vivid memoir, intimate and passionate, captivating listeners on and off stage. 

"Martha has a gift for taking the things that happen in her everyday life and creates a soundtrack cultivated by the very passion that inspired the songs." 
The Anchor Coffee House 
 “Martha Renaud is a Canadian singer - songwriter with a golden voice and lyrics to match.” 
Rick Pitts - East River Folk Society 
"Strong songwriting and the ability to write from the heart - with a warm delivery that touches the soul. Time and Tide takes Martha Renaud to whole new level." 
Folk Roots Radio with Jan Hall


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Martha brings to the stage the potent combination of guitar finger-picking virtuosity, soulful and humanistic lyrics, and a subtle, husky voice that, at times, reminds me of Joni Mitchell”

— Mark Crampsie On Roots Concert Series

What's Happening

I have taken on responsibilities as president of Windsor's a great listening space and a wonderful warm atmosphere...Windsor Folk, where music comes home!

Looking forward to playing with my good friend Karen Morand at Taloola Cafe on Jan 13


Thank you for your message, and for the beautiful song, it was very moving.”

— Veterans Affairs Canada | Anciens Combattants Canada


100TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE BATTLE OF VIMY RIDGE ... to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle at Vimy Ridge, I have been working on a song/video at Stonehedge Studio in Kingsville...LEST YE FORGET... soon to be released. My youngest son is in the Canadian Armed Forces and was on deployment overseas, recently, when he had the opportunity to take part in Remembrance Day services at the Canadian War Memorial in Vimy France. I wrote Lest Ye Forget to commemorate that. It was written from the perspective of a soldier who had died there, watching my son as he honoured them that day...many things were woven into the accordian to symbolize being in France as one thinks of being in a cafe, a harmonica as a soldier may have had one in his pocket...the few notes of O Canada, as the battle fought and won there came to symbolize Canada being recognized on the world stage, the sound effects of war and the shout of men as they marched, the whistle mimicking the pipes of the Essex/Kent Scottish, the orchestration swelling as with the pride of a nation...the video embeds archival footage, and photos of the memorial, and facts of the events, the memorial and Canada. The beret I wear was my father's, from the second world war. I am proud of my son's service to his country and it is my hope that my small offering would bring awareness to the sacrifice of all veterans and urge people to give to programs that help them through Veterans Affairs, Soldier On or other a poppy next Remembrance Day, pause for a minute on the 11th hour, attend a service, if you see someone in uniform, thank them!

My great uncle was with the Essex/Kent Scottish...he may have been at Vimy...he survived the war but would never speak of it. My son is with the PPCLI and can be called to put his life on the line at any time. There were 3598 soldiers killed at the battle for Vimy ridge 100 years ago. I tried to imagine how that would appear if they should be all laid out in a was heart-wrenching. There were 3598 families, mother's, who lost sons...this reality is not lost on me. So it is my hope that this offering, this tribute (not to glorify war) would cause pause and thought and respect and gratitude for those who served and still do...those that are gone, now hold the line, Lest Ye Forget. 


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The Folkin' Cat's Meow showcase

Room 419 FMO Conference, Ottawa

showcase concert

Had a wonderful time taping with Jan Hall for her Folk Roots radio show, to air soon!